Collette Williamson

Collette is working in the education sector as a lecturer at TAFE in the Justice Studies Department. Her fields of teaching have been broad over the years and she has taught at both a secondary and tertiary level. The subjects taught have been predominantly law based and included legislative compliance for government and non-government agencies. She is currently based as an Instructor with the Recruit Training Team at SAPOL, lecturing in diversity, multiculturalism and communication skills.

Collette’s past work history includes over a decade working with Centrelink, which has allowed her to develop an understanding of the array of situations that people can find themselves in over their life time, and of the support systems available to them.

After a childhood spent competing in athletics, Collette switched to basketball when she commenced university and has been involved as a player, a parent and a spectator since then. She has experienced the basketball programs offered at high performance, district, church, social and school levels, often through her involvement with her four children, and remains a passionate supporter of the game.