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The Free Throw Foundation

The Free Throw Foundation has been created to help break down the barriers to participation and enable the youth of South Australia to participate in the sport of basketball. Our role is varied and may not necessarily be defined by just providing financial assistance.

We exist to serve underprivileged youth, to create opportunities to succeed, not only at the highest level, but at all levels. Our role is to contribute to the development of those young individuals throughout the state by providing a pathway to fulfil their dreams in our sport. We recognise diversity in all its forms, family circumstances and within a case-by-case basis.

Our role is not to make decisions on talent or the potential of the athlete, but to consolidate all of the relevant information to make the best judgements we can, with the information we have and the resources we have available.

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“With so many wonderful organisations out there doing amazing work, the Free Throw Foundation may not be able to save a life, but we just might be able to change one….”
David Spear, Founder