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The Free Throw Foundation

No barrier should prevent young Basketballers from playing the game.

About Us

Breaking down Barriers

The Free Throw Foundation provides assistance to Australia’s under-privileged youth for the purpose of participating in the sport of basketball. We look to create opportunities to succeed, not only at the elite level, but at all levels and pathways of basketball.
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$85,000+ in funds granted for Youth Basketballers in need.

Team Fees / Uniforms / Equipment
~55% of Total Grants
Interstate Tournaments / Carnivals
~10% of Total Grants
State / National Representation
~35% of Total Grants
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Who We Help

Assisting under-privileged youth

Our role is to contribute to the development of young individuals by providing a financial pathway to fulfil their dreams in our sport. We recognise diversity in all its forms, family circumstances and within a case by case basis.
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Both girls had a blast! They have never had the opportunity to do anything like this before and the trip was such an eye-opening experience. From playing so many games, to playing such a different grade of basketball, having a lot of fun and most of all - going on a plane! At 12 years of age, they are very fortunate to have had this experience.

I am so grateful that you helped us out with this contribution.

Dear Free Throw Foundation

Thank you for helping me have a successful trip to Melbourne. I learnt a lot from this trip because of you 🙂

I made a lot more friends and came out really happy of how I developed in Basketball and as a social person. So thank you!

Dear Free Throw Foundation

Thank you for the opportunity to go to Melbourne for the Southern Cross Challenge. I learnt lots of new things, met some new people and made some new friends. I had fun playing Basketball and learn lots of new tips and tricks. Thank you again!

Our Stories

Hear what our community says

There are many success stories from our funding programmes. Due to the nature of our support, many recipients prefer to remain anonymous, but a select few have agreed to share their stories and how the Free Throw Foundation have helped them stay in basketball.

WHat We Do

Providing a pathway to fulfil their dreams


Contributing to Development

Playing a pivotal role in fostering the growth and development of young basketball players.

Creating Opportunities

Creating meaningful opportunities for underprivileged youth basketball players, empowering them to thrive and succeed in the sport.

Providing a Pathway

Providing a pathway for aspiring young basketball players, guiding them towards their goals and helping them navigate the Basketball landscape.