Free Throw Announces Assist Program

February 10, 2014
[lead]The Free Throw Foundation is delighted to announce today the inaugural release of funding is now available to the SA Basketball community through its “Assist Program”.[/lead]

“The Assist Program has been designed as part of our overall strategy to help young people stay in our sport of basketball”

“It has been a long journey for the board but today is really an auspicious day as we hope we can change the lives forever of some young South Australian basketballers!

As this is the first round of funding we have, we are really unsure how many applications we will receive. That is the unknown part of this process and unfortunately I am not sure we will be able to help everyone with this round of funding. But the funds are a direct result of our events and fundraising activities so far, our wonderful foundation partners Farmers Union and are going directly back into the basketball community” Spear said.

The Free Throw Foundation plan to have a second round of funding in June 2014 and have a number of fundraising activities planned for 2014 including a luncheon with new Boomers coach Andrej Lemanis in March.

“We will follow a strict process of good corporate governance in the review of applicants to ensure we get the right outcomes.” Spear said.

Application forms can be submitted online and will be distributed by Basketball SA to the stakeholders throughout South Australia.

Further comment can be obtained by contacting;
David Spear